ARGENTINA - Para los chicos un futuro mejor

Para los chicos un futuro mejor, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Fundacion Para los Chicos un Futuro Mejor has been working since 2007 with rural schools in poor neighborhoods in the departments of Villa Figueroa, La Cañada, Casares, Suncho Corral and La Banda, of the Province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

Today they have programs in 8 rural schools and 2 suburban ones in areas of extreme poverty in Santiago del Estero.

In 2021they will be opening the "Centro de Capacitacion y Apoyo Escolar" to provide school support to 500 children and trade workshops to 100 adults.

These children were already receiving a very deficient education and after a difficult COVID year in which the children didn't attend school, it is critical that they receive sustained support so that they can complete an education that will allow them to develop in their region and get good jobs.

They have already raise the funds to remodel the donated main building and plan to start classes on August 1st,

The institute will provide the children with school support, supplies and materials, books, snacks.

With each $10 monthly contribution you will provide the funds to cove the costs for one elementary school child. WILL YOU BE PART OF THIS CHALLENGE?