ARG - Festejo Solidario

Festejo Solidario, Argentina

Festejo Solidario is a nonprofit that advocates for disadvantaged children's rights and promotes their healthy development through the celebration of birthdays.

Due to Covid-19 they now assemble and deliver "magic birthday boxes" for children to celebrate with their families. These boxes contain an individual cake with a candle to wish on, a gift that stimulates creativity and play; garlands, balloons, and party favors to add color to the party; candy and treats to share with the family; a birthday letter with a personalized message, and more!

Celebrating a birthday has a deep impact on children in vulnerable situations. For them, it is a moment of recognition, support, love, and happiness which is essential and yet rare in their lives.

All the donations they receive are destined to more kids being celebrated. To their sustainable growth as an organization committed to a long term positive impact in childhood.

A protected childhood filled with love, games and fantasy is the most solid foundation for a healthy and prosperous adulthood.

Let us celebrate infancy and build a future together!